Managing your music

22 03 2010

Fairtilizer is an online music service that allows you to manage your web presence no matter which social network you use. Great for artists and musicians who are seeking a platform to manage, market, share and get stats on their online music sales and streaming.

Promote your digital music store. Wherever your music goes, Fairtilizer goes with it! You can embed your player on any website you wish, and every time you update your playlist, all pages embedded with your players will be automatically updated. You can control the music content on  pages such as Facebook and MySpace, with just one click.

Promote your name, your brand, your style. Fairtilizer makes you discoverable!

But Fairtilizer is not good only for artists. It’s great fun for music lovers. New artists, songs and styles ready to be discovered.

Become a member, create your playlists and share it with anyone of your interest. Send private playlists to people instead of CDs.

And on top of all these cool and useful tools, is the Fairtilizer Dropbox. This is a brilliant idea to allow you to receive tracks on any website with an embedded Dropbox on it.

Would you like to test it? Click on the button below and send me your tracks!

`send me your music on Fairtilizer

Host, create, distribute, follow the stats, share!




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