A song for her

3 06 2009

I’d like to share with you this beautiful song called ‘A Distand Land‘, made by my musician fiance Erik Schaepers in collaboration with an Indian-producer and the voice of Indian singer, Deepika. The song was made for me and talks about a love remembered from a former life. A bit about ancient history and the space gods. A lot about love and the immortal soul.

Is very flattering having a song composed for me. It’s a honour not everyone can have in life.

What makes it really special is the lyric which talks about how we feel about each other: a love from a former life!

This collaboration happened entirely on-line. Both artists met on Orkut, then listened to each other’s music, then decide to work together on a song.

To crystallize the beliefs, thoughts, ideas and feelings of a love in one song deserves a celebration: I propose a toast to love and music, two things that make our life more beautiful and gives it meaning everyday.


A Distand Land – by Erik Schaepers




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