I’m an orphan of The 4400

25 10 2008

For those who did not miss a chapter, bought the DVDs and could barely wait to see the next season; for those who had their minds blown away and spent hour after hour watching this fascinating show; for those who went to bed at 3 a.m. because they could not stop watching one DVD after the other; for those who got upset when they played the last DVD of the fourth season; for those who felt that any other show looked just ‘too déjà vu’ or too ‘one more show’ after The 4400; for those who found that a bit of creativity, good actors and actresses, talented screenwriters are the perfect ingredients for a great show; for those who believe that TV can also be intelligent and promote new ideas; for those who believe that TV  creates masterpieces, and last but not least; for those who can not accept the cancellation of such  an intriguing and intelligent, sharp and smart show . I urge you to sign your name on the USA Networks Forums for the return of one of the most brilliant series of the past years. Please put your name there and let’s ask anyone else we know to do the same.

Where are you, The 4400’s fans? I still could not cope with the cancellation of the show. There are so many reasons to love it…

For all fans of The 4400, cheers and don’t give up!

Save them

Watch them

The 4400 guide

Visit them

See them




2 responses

25 10 2008

I’m a fan of The 4400 too, been watching it since 1st episode, and keep on loving it until the last season. Great story, great actors, and great visual effect. I knew that even the 4th season was also a question mark (due to low rating), but they did make it and I couldn’t be happier. The 5th season, although I want to see it, but I knew it was a false hope. For me, The 4400 is even better than Heroes.

12 01 2009

I have signed every petition I have found. I’ve also added the “Save the 4400” Myspace page to my list of “friends”. This show was way better than Heroes (although I do watch Heroes too).

I did just find out that they started a book series. There have been two books so far. A third will be released this summer.

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