A party named football

8 06 2008

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The Swiss-Austrian Euro cup has just started. Last night, in the middle of the crowd, for the first time, I felt like I was in somewhere else beyond Geneva. Screams, joy, noise, flags and fans everywhere. The Euro cup started. But of course, with the Swiss mark: organization and security.

The city hosts three matches: Portugal x Turkey , Czech-Republic x Portugal and Turkey x Czech-Republic.

To welcome its visitor, Geneva has prepared a great reception. Bellow, you will find out how the football fans can have fun during the championship, in Geneva.

The Fan Zone Genève

80% football, 20% music!

Is a huge outdoor place, with lots of food and beverage from all around the world, VIP area (of course!) and the presence of different medias. Is a meeting point for fans, with two giant screens of 60m2 and great definition! After all, there will have always a little bit of music, with concerts live music or the Swiss francophone radio making the breaks more fun.

Here, some images of the Fan Zone during the first evening: Switzerland x Czech-Republic. But this match is theme for another post…

. . .


Fan Club08

80% music, 20% football

The right place to continue the party after the closing of Fan Zone and the end of concerts in Fan Village. More than 2500 places with the most wanted DJ’s of the summer. The party in Fan Club08 starts at 23 o’clock and finishes at 5 in the morning, everyday!

After the matches, the screams and the heartbeats, is time to party! With a minimum of two concerts per day, the Fan Village has its 30 m2 screen, a Fan Camp and 15 restaurants. More than 50 groups from Geneva and surrounded areas will play on the Fun Village stage. The Fan Camp offers cheap accommodation for fans, like camping cars.

To get in is free in all this places.




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